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Amazing facts about travelling, European destinations, cheap flights in Europe and many more cool stuff.

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The Safest Countries in the World

Are you preparing for a vacation and you do not know where to go? We can help you decide, so that we tell you which are the safest countries in the world. Global Peace Index for 2017 Institute for economics...

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Sad Days For Malta

Azure Window Has Collapsed Popular natural tourist attraction in Malta, known as Azure window has collapsed during a storm, which covered the island of Gozo. This famous tourist location was also a popular filming location for many famous films and...

Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy 1

TOP 10 European ski resorts 2018

Winter is not just cold and boring, but it can also be interesting and recreational. And the best way to achieve this is by visiting some of the best ski resorts in Europe. Europe offers a lot beautiful and cheap...

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Top 10 Christmas markets in Europe 2017

Winter is a wonderful time to visit some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the World. And the perfect place to do that, is for sure Europe. It offers a lot of wonderful Christmas markets in many cities in...

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The World’s Scariest Airport Runways

If you want to visit the hidden corners of the world far away from home then you have to sit on a plane and fly. When I was little I said I’d never fly on a plane because I was...

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20 Facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country that lies in the heart of Europe. Slovenia is know for its forests and its versatility, because you can in one day climb the Alps and then in the afternoon swim in the sea. Slovenia...

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